Neon Shingetsu Pharsa is the hero’es first Epic skin since her debut in 2017.

Notably, the skin is a departure from her previous looks, as it embraces a futuristic theme.

Unlike her previous skins, Neon Shingetsu Pharsa boasts a vibrant pink and purple ensemble along with eye-catching, colorful special effects for her abilities.

This skin offers a glimpse of what the Wings of Vengeance might look like if she existed a thousand years into the future.

Neon Shingetsu Pharsa character model and skill effects preview

Neon Shingetsu Pharsa character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

In this skin, Pharsa dons a sleek futuristic kimono infused with striking shades of purple and pink.

Her weapon undergoes a remarkable transformation, featuring gilded blades enveloping a radiant, concentrated blue energy orb at its core.

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Even Pharsa’s loyal companion, Verri, got a stylish makeover.

Verri now sports a solid, luminous body with wings fashioned from the same opulent gold, harmonizing beautifully with Pharsa’s overall aesthetic.

As for her skills, Pharsa conjures a vibrant fusion of blue and violet energy with each of her abilities.

Those unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire bear a glitched emblem of her staff hovering above them as if marked by an otherworldly power.

Neon Shingetsu Pharsa ultimate Feathered Air Strike effects preview
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

These skills exhibit a breathtaking spectacle when used in team fights.

Her Feathered Air Strike ultimate, in particular, commands attention as it propels forth a brilliant burst of violet energy to a designated location.

The skin will be released in the in-game store starting October 16 for 899 diamonds.

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