Summer is fast approaching in the Land of Dawn.

With that, MLBB is celebrating the start of the season by releasing two new Mobile Legends summer limited skins for this month, namely, Summer Waves Zilong and Summer Breeze Guinevere.

Summer Waves Zilong and Summer Breeze Guinevere’s appearance and skills

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MLBB summer limited skins, Summer Waves Zilong and Summer Breeze Guinevere
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

These two skins perfectly capture the summer vibes. Zilong is wearing swimming trunks, snorkelling gear, with a tall umbrella as his weapon of choice.

On the other hand, Guinevere is wearing a yellow summer dress, complete with a cute fedora hat and flower bracelets on both of her wrists.

Their abilities don’t disappoint as well. Guinevere lets out a splash of water with each basic attack and skill, while Zilong emits water with each basic attack.

Plus, he becomes encapsulated in water when he activates his ultimate, Supreme Warrior. How awesome is that?

Are the Mobile Legends summer limited skins worth it?

Getting the Mobile Legends summer limited skins are a no-brainer if you are a Zilong or Guinevere main. If you aren’t, these skins are still worth it considering that both these heroes have been rising in popularity lately.

War Axe has been an important item for many fighters, including Zilong. This makes him a lot stronger in team fights, and is a solid pick in this meta.

As for Guinevere, her skills are balanced right now. Although she’s not as prevalent in high ranked matches, Guinevere is a big threat when played right.

These two skins will be available soon in the in-game shop for a limited time. Watch the official trailer for these Mobile Legends summer limited skins on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official YouTube page.

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