The M5 World Championship brings together sixteen of the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams, vying for a share of the impressive US$900,000 prize pool.

This tournament, hosted in the Philippines from December 2 to 17, marks the country’s debut as the host of an M-series event.

M5 World Championship power rankings: All eyes are on ONIC Esports and AP Bren

Having witnessed Filipino teams securing the world title consecutively from M2 with Bren Esports, M3 with Blacklist International, and M4 with ECHO, the pressure is on AP Bren and Blacklist to defend this prestigious title against 14 other teams on home soil.

For a comprehensive overview, here is the complete roster of each team competing in this highly anticipated tournament.

Full roster of all 16 teams in the M5 World Championship

AP Bren

AP Bren at MPLI 2023
Credit: ONE Esports

Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel leads the MPL PH Season 12 champions with a battle-ready squad who have won multiple international tournaments this year.

Veteran David Charles “FlapTzy” Canon and rising stars Marco “Super Marco” Requitiano, Michael Angelo “KyleTzy” Sayson, and Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo complete the main five.

David Charles “FlapTzy” CanonEXP lane
Michael Angelo “KyleTzy” SaysonJungle
Angelo Kyle “Pheww” ArcangelMidlane
Marco “Super Marco” RequitianoGold lane
Rowgien “Owgwen” UnigoRoam
Vincent “Pando” UnigoEXP lane

Blacklist International

M5 World Championship MPL PH representative, Blacklist International
Credit: Blacklist International

In Season 12, the M3 world champions have fine-tuned their roster due to the absence of star duo Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario.

To fill the gap, they’ve signed Stephen “Sensui” Castillo as Wise’s replacement. Additionally, Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase has transitioned to the main five, taking over the roamer position formerly held by OhMyV33nus.

Edward “EDWARD” DapadapEXP lane
Stephen “Sensui” CastilloJungle
Salic “Hadji” ImamMidlane
Kiel “OHEB” SorianoGold lane
Renejay “RENEJAY” BarcaseRoam
Kenneth “Yue” TadeoMidlane
Lee “Owl” GonzalesGold lane

ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports lift the trophy after winning against Geek Fam in the grand final of MPL ID Season 12
Credit: MPL Indonesia

The three-time MPL ID champions have retained their core starting five for M5, with the notable inclusion of former RRQ player Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” Iskandar as a substitute for Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol in the jungle position.

Muhammad “Butsss” SanubariEXP lane
Kairi “Kairi” RayosdelsolJungle
Gilang “S A N Z”Mid lane
Calvin “CW” WinataGold lane
Nicky “Kiboy” FernandoRoam
Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” IskandarJungle

Geek Fam

M5 World Championship MPL ID representative, Geek Fam
Credit: Geek Fam Indonesia

The squad will be led by Filipino import Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy, supported by veteran Geek Fam members Valent “Aboy” Putra and Mohammad “Caderaa” Pambudi.

Joining them are Filipino import Mark Christian “Markyyyyy” Capacio and Manuel “Nnael” Simbolon, who is on loan from ONIC Prodigy.

Valent “Aboy” PutraEXP lane
Manuel “Nnael” SimbolonJungle
Valent “Aboy” PutraMid lane
Mohammad “Caderaa” PambudiGold lane
Allen “Baloyskie” BaloyRoam
Mark Christian “Markyyyyy” CapacioGold lane


HomeBois pose for a photo after winning the MPL MY Season 12 championship title against Team SMG with a score of 4-3 in the grand final
Credit: Moonton Games

Under the leadership of Mohammad “Xorn” Noor, the team will showcase its championship-winning MPL MY Season 12 roster.

Muhammad “Sepat” AujangEXP lane
Muhammad Nazhan “Chibi” Mohd NorJungle
Rizky “Warlord” AgustianMidlane
Wahyu “R a i z e L” SaputraGold lane
Mohammad “Xorn” NoorRoam
Muhammad “Anip” RashidGold lane
Arya “Barbossa” NazhariRoam

Team SMG

M5 Wild Card winner, Malaysia's Team SMG
Credit: Team SMG

The team is poised to compete with a diverse blend of Malaysian and Filipino talents.

Spearheading the charge are Filipino imports Kenneth “Saxa” Fedelin and Deomark “Mikko” Tabangay, supported by seasoned veterans Lu “Sasa” Khai Bean and Hazziq “Stormie” Rizwan.

Aeliff “Smooth” AriffEXP lane
Kenneth “Saxa” FedelinJungle
Hazziq “Stormie” RizwanMidlane
Lu “Sasa” Khai BeanGold lane
Deomark “Mikko” TabangayRoam
Wan “Subway” SakirinJungle

Team Flash

Members of Team Flash holding the MPL SG Season 6 championship trophy
Credit: Moonton Games

The team is set to compete at the M5 World Championship with the core five players who played a pivotal role in securing the organization’s first MPL Singapore title.

Adam “Adammir” ChongEXP lane
Jaymark “Hadess” LazaroJungle
Jay “Jayy” ChngMidlane
Keith “Vanix” LimGold lane
Bellamy “Lolsie” YeovRoam
Leong “MikuMikuMii” XiangMidlane


TheOhioBrothers at NACT Fall 2023
Credit: Gaby Kosinski Photography

Under the leadership of Vo “SHARK” Trung, the North American representatives are fielding a formidable lineup.

SHARK will be accompanied by his former teammate from the Valley, Jang “Hoon” Seong-hun, and Chris “Mielow” Enobio. The roster is further strengthened by the addition of Carlos “bestplayer1” Vega, Ziameth-Jei “ZIA” Caluya, and Wrath.

Chris “Mielow” EnobioEXP lane
Carlos “bestplayer1” VegaJungle
Jang “Hoon” Seong-hunMidlane
Ziameth-Jei “ZIA” CaluyaGold lane
Vo “SHARK” TrungRoam

RRQ Akira

M5 World Championship MPL BR representative, RRQ Akira
Credit: Team RRQ

Having clinched victory in MPL Brazil for four consecutive seasons, RRQ Akira enters the M5 World Championship without making any adjustments to its lineup.

Arthur “Tekashi” NascimentoEXP lane
Lucas “Kiing” GodoyJungle
Matheus “Seigen” LimaMidlane
Gustavo “Gustalagusta” LimaGold lane
Luiz “Luiizz” AlvesRoam
Gabriel “Blink” FavoretoRoam

Bigetron Sons

M5 World Championship LATAM representative, Bigetron Sons
Credit: Bigetron Esports

Comprising former members of Sons E-Sports absorbed by Bigetron Sons, the team has integrated experience into its roster.

Former DreamMax E-Sports player Nicolas “Akashi” Vieira joins as the substitute gold laner, reuniting with his former teammate Victor “LunnaOmBotak” Monteiro.

Felipe “Bllack” PradoEXP lane
Everton “Buzizio” MattosJungle
Luís “Sindra” TavaresMidlane
Lucas “SupperUppa” AraujoGold lane
Victor “LunnaOmBotak” MonteiroRoam
Nicolas “Akashi” VieiraGold lane

See You Soon

M5 World Championship MPL Cambodian representative, See You Soon
Credit: See You Soon

See You Soon presents a formidable lineup with a wealth of experience in the pro scene. Leading the team is Sok “Boxi” Virea, who brings global stage experience from the M3 World Championship.

Joining him are fellow Cambodian talents Leng “Felix” Kimhak, Sovan “RAA” Chanmakara, and Mon “RunTheKing” Phearun. Additionally, the team includes Filipino rising stars Michael “MPTheKing” Endino and Clarense “Kusey” Camilo.

Leng “Felix” KimhakEXP lane
Michael “MPTheKing” EndinoJungle
Sovan “RAA” ChanmakaraMidlane
Clarense “Kusey” CamiloGold lane
Sok “Boxi” VireaRoam
Mon “RunTheKing” PhearunRoam

Burmese Ghouls

Myanmar representative, Burmese Ghouls
Credit: Burmese Ghouls

Burmese Ghouls secures just their second qualification in an M-series since the M2 World Championship, marking a significant milestone for the team. Notably, all players will be making their international stage debut.

Thiha “Carbon” KyawEXP lane
Hein “Niko” HtetJungle
Kaung “Lina” KhantMidlane
Htet “Stitch” AungGold lane
Kyaw “Blink” ThuyaRoam

Team Lilgun

Mongolian M5 Wild Card representative, Team Lilgun
Credit: ESN- Esports Network

The team is ready for the M5 World Championship with the same roster they fielded during their international debut at the World Cyber Games 2023.

Enkhbat “Aizn” MunkhharaaEXP lane
Bagabandi “Zxaura” TegshjargalJungle
Amarmurun “Forbid” MandahMidlane
Erdenemunkh “Bebex” ChinsukhGold lane
Batbold “Ethan” BatjargalRoam

Fire Flux Esports

M5 World Championship Turkish representative, Fire Flux Esports
Credit: Fire Flux Esports

The team consists of former members of Inciendo Supremacy, who secured a 7th-8th place finish at the M4 World Championship.

Bariş “Alien” ÇakirEXP lane
Sidar “Tienzy” MenteşeJungle
Ahmet “Rosa” BatirMidlane
Emre “Sunshine” SariGold lane
Furkan “APEX47” AkbulutRoam

Triple Esports

Triple Esports MPL MENA Fall 2023 full roster
Credit: Moonton Games

Several members of the team will be instantly recognizable to MPL MENA fans, as the majority of Triple Esports’ roster has made the transition from WildAxe, the third-placed team in the MPL MENA Spring 2023 season.

Ayman “Sanji” AlqarniEXP lane
Mohammed “Tarzan” KharabahJungle
Muath “Cuffin” AlkorainiMidlane
Ahmad “Fury” ZeyadGold lane
Moayed “Trolll” KharabaRoam
KrauserEXP lane
Abdullah “Lark” AlshammariGold lane

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