Singaporean teams Forsaken and Divinity Esports are two of four teams who have successfully qualified for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MY/SG Season 6.

The qualifier finals were the first glimpse of what fans can expect from from these two newcomers, who join Malaysian squads Team SMG and Bella Ciao in the big league.

We take a closer look at their qualifier finals battles:

Forsaken vs OS Gentlemen

Based on their drafts, both teams showed shrewd knowledge of the current meta. Forsaken went for a 1-3-1 lane assignment, with X.Borg and Lunox in a side lane, and support Popol and Kupa, tank Khufra and marksman Bruno in mid.

A close game, both teams traded blows throughout. Neck and neck in kills, OS Gentlemen were the ones who led by over 5,000 gold as they secured the first Lord, and were up seven turrets to three.

At the 12th minute, took down three, giving Ling a total of four kills, the highest in the game so far.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Forsaken vs OS Gentlemen game one
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Successfully defending their base, Forsaken swung the game around at Lord. After pushing in mid wave, they used their positional advantage to snatch this huge objective and wiped out their opponents.

Forsaking a marksman in game two, Forsaken again went with Lunox, Khufra and Popol and Kupa as their three key pieces, adding Hayabusa and fighter Jawhead in the mix.

A great start, they put themselves up four kills to none, and led by more than 4,000 gold as they closed in onto OS Gentlemen’s base.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Forsaken vs OS Gentlemen game two
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Unfortunately, Lunox decided to dive, and was caught in between two enemy turrets. OS jumped onto her and eliminated Hayabusa too, which marked the start of their recovery.

From there, OS made a massive comeback. At the nineteenth minute, Forsaken was one hit away from the Crystal when Roger spawned just in time to save OS Gentlemen’s base and nab a double kill.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Forsaken vs OS Gentlemen game two
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Down four, OS completely turned the game around, running it down in mid to tie the series up.

Even though the casters predicted that Forsaken would be tilted after game two’s ending, game three turned out to be their most dominant game of the series. For once, they held onto their gold lead from start to finish.

Pulling Roger into their draft and denying it from OS, their carry KAI amassed ten kills and zero deaths pre-16 minutes. Despite OS using Luo Yi to teleport behind their opponents, Forsaken’s positioning was better, and they had the numbers advantage since Masha was alone pushing top lane.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Forsaken vs OS Gentlemen game three results
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

With that, they closed out game three assuredly. As this was the only match to stretch to three games in the qualifiers final, can Forsaken sharpen their communication and team work before MPL MY/SG S6 begins?

Divinity Esports vs 125+1

125+1 were the favorites to win this final and qualify for MPL. After all, they had former EVOS SG mage player, OhDeerBambi, in their roster. Right off the bat, casters praised them for better drafting.

They were clear on the execution of their team composition, and compounded early lane control with a blue buff invade — but Divinity had other plans. They collapsed on members of 125+1 as a team, and their quicker rotations became the main story line of the series.

Holding a kill lead, Divinity played well around their carry, Yu Zhong, utilizing his ultimate for engages and disengages. Eight minutes in, he had a perfect 6/0/8 KDA.

125+1 were almost equal in gold due to objectives and farm, and it wasn’t until the late game when Divinity pulled ahead, edging out their enemies in team fights.

Curiously, the game state caused a dramatic base race towards the end. The difference however, was that Valir was there to defend Divinity’s base, while Baxia and Alice auto attacked 125+1’s Crystal for the win.

Game two was a much tighter game, and there wasn’t a clear winner as each team responded with kills blow for blow.

What Divinity had going for them was objective control over Lord. They controlled the map and secured all three spawns. Again relying on ADAMMIR’s Yu Zhong, he excelled with a perfect 11/0/8 KDA 27 minutes into the game.

It all came down to one team fight at the half hour mark. Divinity caught out OhDeerBambi’s Pharsa by the bush in mid lane, instantly nuking her out. From there, they chased down the rest of 125+1 for the qualifier victory.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Check out the full match VOD here:

[English] MPL-MYSG Season 6 | Singapore Qualifier

It’s game time ladies and gents! ⏰The Singaporean Qualifiers for MPL-MY/SG Season 6 are now underway. ??Will we uncover today our new Singaporean juggernauts? ?Tune in and don’t miss out on all the LIVE packed MLBB action on 26 July! ?#MPLMYSGS6 #MLBB #MobileLegends #MLBBEsports #MPL #MobileEsports #Malaysia #Singapore

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Catch these Singaporean teams in the regular season starting August 28.

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