Malaysian squads Team SMG and Bella Ciao are two of four teams who have successfully qualified for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MY/SG Season 6.

After patch 1.4.94, the meta has shifted again, and these qualifiers give us a taste of what’s to come in the regular season.

How did these underdog teams fare? We take a closer look at Team SMG’s and Bella Ciao’s qualifier finals.

Team SMG vs Ezzy Esports

Entering the ring with a refreshed line up, Team SMG looked dominant in the qualifiers.

Drafting around hypercarry Karrie in game one, they played a disciplined game that allowed Smooth to scale up on this hero. SMG held a sizable gold lead throughout, and played to their win conditions.

Tied at two kills each six minutes into the game, Team SMG were all about hitting equipment power spikes and punishing Ezzy Esports for their mistakes. Seven minutes in around the Turtle, SMG took Ezzy Esports head on for three kills, snowballing for the win.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Team SMG vs Ezzy Esports game one results
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

In game two, SMG decided to draft around reworked hero, Yi Sun-Shin, who is proving to be a very strong marksman in the current meta. Ezzy on the other hand, got their hands on Karrie.

Showing a new level of team work, SMG were coordinated when it came to disengaging and engaging as a unit in the early game. By the mid game however, Ezzy evened up the kills, and eventually led in gold.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Team SMG vs Ezzy Esports game two
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Team SMG kept their cool, and finally found the fight they were looking for thirty three minutes in. Eliminating three of Ezzy’s heroes around Lord, Smooth went on a killing spree. With Lord, SMG ran it down mid for the hard earned victory.

With this line up, Team SMG will definitely be looking to surpass last season’s 7th place finish.

Bella Ciao vs ICON Esports

Bella Ciao ran an interesting double marksmen team composition in game one. Utilizing 1-3-1, they put Wanwan and Hilda in a side lane. Off to a slow start, they gave up two kills to ICON, who had powerhouse Selena in their draft.

By the time mid game came around however, Bella Ciao’s long ranged heroes proved to be very valuable. Leading by six turrets to two, they amassed a 3,000 gold lead despite the lower kill score.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Bella Ciao vs ICON Esports game one
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

As they entered late game, it came down to a single team fight around Lord. Kupa was effectively a sixth hero that chomped down Khufra quickly with Thunder Belt for an early kill. Caught out of position, Helcurt was the next target.

Doubling their gold advantage, Bella Ciao swung the momentum around and took game one.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Bella Ciao vs ICON Esports game one results
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Going for a different strategy in game two, Bella Ciao put Luo Yi, Chou and Hayabusa in mid lane. Unlike game one, they picked up the pace early, catching out ICON members for two kills.

However, game two still ended up going down the same route. Despite trailing in kills, Bella Ciao maintained a gold lead due to the extra turrets on the board.

It was at the tenth minute when Chou got flipped by Jawhead into ICON’s second turret. The remaining members then disengaged from Black Dragon Form before turning the fight around for three kills.

MPL MY/SG S6 qualifiers: Bella Ciao vs ICON Esports game two results
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Two Lords and an additional ten kills later, Bella Ciao pushed into ICON’s base, taking the series and the last qualifier spot for Malaysia.

Check out the full match VOD here:

[English] MPL-MYSG Season 6 | Singapore Qualifier

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