Anticipation mounts as the reworked emblem system approaches its official release in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, leaving players eager to witness its true impact.

Amidst this excitement, questions arise about the overarching purpose behind this massive change and whether it is truly necessary.

The impact of this update is so substantial that it initially faced negative feedback from fans last year, leading to its temporary abandonment. However, it was brought back this year with the necessary changes.

To shed light on this matter, ONE Esports had the opportunity to interview some of the game’s developers about the massive update.

Moonton’s objective in revamping the emblem system this year

Novaria recommended mage emblem 
Credit: ONE Esports

According to the developers, the decision to introduce brand-new emblems was driven by a genuine purpose rather than simply aiming for novelty.

With the ever-growing roster of heroes, Moonton recognized the need for changes that would enable players to choose their desired playstyle for each hero, without being restricted to a single emblem tree.

“The reason behind the change is that the game now features more than 120 heroes. [For example], there’s a significant number of heroes who can function as marksmen,” explained the developers.

Project NEXT revamped emblem system
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

“Players often find themselves torn between using the assassin emblem or the jungle emblem to optimize their gameplay. Currently, these emblems are bundled together, limiting players’ flexibility.”

To address this limitation, the new emblem system de-bundles these emblems, allowing players greater freedom in selecting their preferred playstyle for their favorite heroes.

Despite the significant overhaul, Moonton remains open to suggestions and critical feedback.

Layla’s Workshop, a platform for fans to provide suggestions on how to further improve the system, will continue to be available.

The new emblem system is scheduled to be released on June 27, coinciding with the start of Season 29 of the ranked season.

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