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There’s no escaping Chip in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This hero, with an insatiable love for chips, embodies everything you could desire in a support character. From his remarkable mobility with Overtime, to his crowd-controlling prowess with Crash Course, and his ability to sustain with Snack Time, he truly has it all!

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But it’s his ultimate ability, Shortcut, that truly sets him apart.

With this skill, Chip can create portals across the map, providing an opportunity for both allies and foes to traverse instantly to the targeted location.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we will dive deeper into his abilities, strategies, and the best build to maximize her potential.

Chip’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Snack Time!

Chip starts eating potato chips when out of combat, regenerating HP after finishing a whole bag (requires five bites). After eating a bag of chips, Chip cannot eat again for five seconds.

  • This passive ability proves invaluable in reducing the need for frequent returns to base. When his health is low, players can retreat to a secure position and allow Snack Time’s gradual healing to take effect.
  • While not as swift as regenerating health at the base, this approach offers several advantages. You’ll have more time to gank lanes and invade the enemy jungle.

Skill 1 – Crash Course

Chip rams his hovercraft into the ground, dealing area-of-effect damage and applying Chip’s Mark.

  • Crash Course amplifies the reach of his basic attacks, allowing him to strike foes from a greater distance.
  • Utilize Crash Course to maximize the shield generated based on the number of heroes impacted. Targeting multiple enemies simultaneously enhances his durability significantly. Striking all five opponents yields a substantial shield boost.
  • The ability to mark multiple enemies simultaneously makes it an invaluable tool for initiating team fights. Consequently, Crash Course benefits greatly from prioritizing tanky item builds to withstand sustained engagements.

Skill 2 – Overtime

Chip rushes forward, gaining extra movement speed, enhancing the next basic attack to knock back enemies.

  • This skill requires time to reach maximum speed and can only be sustained for a limited duration. Therefore, it’s crucial to activate the skill judiciously by considering the distance required to execute successful ganks.
  • A highly effective strategy with this skill involves flanking enemies in the lane and pushing them back toward your tower. Follow up with Crash Course, then a basic attack to stun the target, allowing the tower to inflict significant damage.
  • Additionally, this skill proves invaluable for escaping enemies due to its movement speed boost.

Ultimate – Shortcut

Chip drops the main portal on an enemy hero and creates connecting portals near allied heroes and behind the allied base, allowing allies and enemy heroes to teleport to and from the portals.

  • Enemies can destroy the portal, so avoid placing it when there are two or more damage dealers around who can dismantle it.
  • The main and connecting portals remain active for 10 seconds, providing ample time for you and your teammates to enter, secure victory in the team fight, and return to their starting positions.
  • Allies within an eight-unit radius of Chip do not benefit from the portal effect.
  • Allies receive notifications whenever a portal is created, eliminating the need for you to manually inform them via chat whenever you activate the skill.

Special skill – Why Walk?

Chip has four beacons on the map which he can teleport to and from.

  • This skill enables seamless teleportation to four beacons around the map, but it comes with a considerably long cooldown.
  • To make the most of it, communicate with your teammates on your destination to ensure that visiting other lanes yields fruitful results, ideally resulting in one or two kills.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Chip in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spells

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang recommended battle spells for Chip -- Flicker and Revitalize
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

Flicker is the best option for Chip since it enables him to close in on enemies quickly.

You can use Flicker to reach the enemy backline in team fights before using your crowd control abilities.

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If you prefer a safer approach, Revitalize is a good choice. It provides healing for you and your teammates over a large area, making it particularly effective against enemy compositions with multiple damage dealers.

Recommended emblem and talents

Recommended emblem and talents for Chip in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

For a support/tank hero like him, opting for the Tank Emblem is the best choice.

It offers HP, hybrid defense, and HP regen, making him durable during team fights.

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Regarding talents, selecting Firmness for additional physical and magic defense, Wilderness for increased movement speed in the river, and Concussive Blast for HP-based damage is recommended.

These talents enhance his tankiness, while the added movement speed from Wilderness Blessing makes him a great team fight initiator.

Chip best build

Best build for Chip in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

For his item build, prioritize Rapid Boots to enhance his off-combat movement speed, which complements his roaming playstyle perfectly.

Next, consider Dominance Ice to counter enemy healing abilities and reduce their attack speed, which is particularly effective against enemy gold laners.

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The choice of the third item depends on the enemy team composition. If they have numerous physical damage dealers, opt for Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor.

Alternatively, if most are magic damage dealers, consider Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor.

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For experienced players, Fleeting Time can be a valuable option to reduce the cooldown of his ultimate, further enhancing his impact in team fights.

Chip best build in Mobile Legends

  • Rapid Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Immortality
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Fleeting Time

Easy combos to learn

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In the early game, capitalize on Chip’s exceptional mobility using Overtime and his unique skill, Why Walk?, to roam and gank lanes with remarkable efficiency.

As the match progresses, Chip’s portals have the potential to be game-changing.

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His ultimate introduces strategic possibilities, allowing teammates to split push and swiftly join engagements from any location on the map.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes Chip and Angela
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

During team fights, it’s crucial to prepare with Overtime for increased speed. Begin by initiating with a basic attack, then deploy the main portal using his ultimate, Shortcut.

Follow up with Crash Course and another basic attack to stun opponents.

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