The high level Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action continues at the M5 World Championship

Since the massive nerf to Flask of the Oasis in patch 1.8.30, it is no surprise that team compositions are a bit different and more dynamic, especially pertaining to roam heroes.

What is a roamer? Learn to be the best in Mobile Legends

We asked Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo, roamer of the current MPL PH champion AP BREN, his take on the three best roam heroes in the current meta.

Owgwen sharing his best 3 roam heroes during a post-match interview.
Credit: Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

These are the best roam heroes in M5 according to Owgwen


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Unrestrained Delight Mathilda skin
Credit: Moonton Games

Mathilda, the Swift Plume, is one of the heroes that still stand strong even after the Flask nerfs. Her high mobility is unparalleled, allowing her to effortlessly traverse the map and provide support where it’s needed.

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“She can move quickly around the map, and she also has a way to reach the enemy backline,” said Owgwen.

She can dive into the enemy team’s backline using Guiding Wind, turning her into a formidable force that disrupts and eliminates ranged damage dealers.

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One of Mathilda’s key strengths lies in her ability to reposition swiftly, catching opponents off guard and creating opportunities for her team to secure objectives or initiate team fights.

Overall, her agility and crowd control make her an invaluable asset for any team composition.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Taurus Minotaur skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

Minotaur secures the second spot on Owgwen’s list with his robust tankiness and versatile skill set.

“Aside from being tanky, Minotaur also lowers enemy defense,” said Owgwen. “Not to mention he can heal his teammates.”

Mobile Legends Minotaur guide: Best build, skills, emblem
Minotaur is one of the best team fight initiators in-game

Minotaur’s ability to slow down enemies and reduce their defense significantly impacts team fights, providing a crucial advantage for his team. Additionally, his healing ability adds a layer of sustainability, allowing him to absorb damage while supporting teammates.

Minotaur’s tanky nature makes him an ideal frontliner, absorbing damage and disrupting enemy formations.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Galactic Marshal Tigreal
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Tigreal is a surprising but welcome addition to Owgwen’s list of best roam heroes, thanks to his recent revamp.

“His ultimate causes a really long stun, and there are a lot of things you can do with his second skill,” explained the roamer.

Tigreal’s ultimate, Implosion, delivers a powerful stun with a long duration, giving more than enough time for your allies to deliver damage to your opponents.

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Tigreal’s versatility shines through his second skill, Sacred Hammer. Whether used to delay minion waves, close gaps between allies and enemies, or push opponents away.

Tigreal’s adaptability makes him a valuable asset in a variety of scenarios, earning him a spot among the top roam heroes according to Owgwen.

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