Alter Ego stunned RRQ Hoshi over the weekend, taking down the MPL ID league leaders in dominant fashion with a 2-0 sweep.

In Game 1, AE took a commanding lead early on, giving them the freedom to roam and clear out the camps on both sides of the map. The team rushed Lord for a quick push advantage, but RRQ was tailing right behind them.

RRQ’s Diky “Tuturu” managed to take out Ilyas “Caesius” Rahmanda, but star AE midlaner, Eldhin “Celiboy” Putra, secured the Lord and avenged his fallen teammate with a quick retaliation.

As RRQ retreated, Celiboy strafed across the jungle and took out Mohammed “Wizzking” Zulkifli with his Energy Transformation. With most of the members now out of reach, Celiboy launched a hail-mary Maximum Charge that perfectly landed on Calvin “Vyn”, claiming a double kill on RRQ.

With the Lord now on their side, AE quickly took down the final towers and the base inhibitor in under thirteen minutes.

AE’s lightning-fast gameplay continued in Game 2. Although RRQ had a solid lead in kills, AE easily overcame the KDA deficit by focusing on pushing all three lanes. By the thirteen-minute mark, Celiboy and his team gained a 10K gold advantage.

With no towers left, RRQ became sitting ducks inside their base. AE had no other choice but to initiate the final clash. As the health of RRQ members decreased from simple auto-attacks, Celiboy stormed in and scored a double kill on Tuturu and Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah, leaving only Wizzking alive in the onslaught.

With the well-played sweep, AE moves up to fourth place with a 2-2 standing while RRQ drops down to second place with a 3-1 standing.

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