Riot Games has announced the five remaining champions that will be receiving Prestige skins this year.

Bounty Hunter Miss Fortune and Chain Warden Tresh will both be available in the League of Legends store page sometime this year, while Exile Riven, the Empress of the Elements Qiyana, and the Blind Monk Lee Sin prestige skins will be released as part of upcoming in-game events.

We already know that Valiant Sword Riven will be released with Patch 9.19. It will feature Riven in white and gold shades, as well as a new sword design for the Noxian warrior.

The League of Legends team is working on lowering the cost of these Prestige skins from the starting 100 points. The planned Prestige content will range from 50 points to 1 point.

The full list of cosmetics can be found here.

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