Defending world champions Edward Gaming and LCK juggernauts T1 reign supreme in the second Group Stage round robin at Worlds 2022.

The two teams dominated Group A’s final stretch of games. EDG eliminated both Cloud9 and Fnatic in the process, automatically locking T1 and themselves in for the upcoming Knockout Stage.

With both T1 and EDG holding a 4-1 record, the last game between the two squads determined the first seed of the group.

T1 and Edward Gaming conclude Group A with stunning showdown

T1 put up an incredible performance against the defending champs. The star of the show was top laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je on swashbuckling pirate Gangplank.

At the 15-minute mark, Zeus was able to bag a solokill on Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun’s Maokai, which earned him enough gold to complete his two core items, Trinity Force and The Collector.

Just three minutes later, the Gangplank player would lead the team in a river fight. As EDG tried to lock down Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok‘s Viktor, Zeus slowed Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie’s Graves with a Powder Keg and shot him down for the first kill.

Gaining the 4v5 man advantage, the rest of the LCK team rallied behind Zeus as he chased the retreating opponents. The Gangplank player gunned two more players down for the triple kill and the ace.

By 27 minutes, Zeus and his squad sieged the enemy base through the bot lane to destroy the Nexus and secure their fifth game win in the Group Stage.

With the victory, T1 advances to the Knockout Stage as Group A’s first seed. EDG qualifies as the group’s second seed.

Three-time World Champion Faker continues to hold a respectable record in the Worlds Group Stage: in all seven of his Worlds appearances, the mid laner has always exited the Group Stage as first seed.

The Worlds Knockout Stage will begin on October 20.

Faker's Group Stage record at Worlds 2022
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

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