Coming in many shapes and sizes, a brand new Minions collection has hit the Riot Games merchandise store featuring figures, comfy slippers, pins, plushies and more.

The focus piece of the collection is the Minions Mayhem collectible figure that features “3 Minions About To Destroy Your Nexus”. Measuring about 10cm in height, it is the 16th release in Series 3 that includes the latest Spirit Blossom Riven figure.

Credit: Riot Games

Showing utmost inclusiveness, minions from both sides of the Rift are represented in the collection. The Blue and Red Minion plushies that come in a custom designed box are adorable and look like they’re made for a good hug.

You can also celebrate victory when you’re out and about with the Red and Blue Minion pin pack. Each minion even comes with individual names!

Credit: Riot Games

The Blue Minion Pack includes:

  • “Ready For Action” Blue Caster Minion
  • “Watcha Lookin’ At?” Blue Melee Minion
  • “Victory!” Blue Caster Minion

While the Red Minion Pack consists of:

  • “Deal With It” Red Caster Minion
  • “I Got This” Red Melee Minion
  • “Not My Nexus!” Red Caster Minion

How cute is that?

If you are looking for practical items to use in everyday life, you can also get yourself an anti-slip Minion Battlefield mousepad, a shirt from the Minion Tees series, and a comfy Red Minion slippers and hat.

The Minion “Attack” tee is especially funny as it depicts minion reactions to Amumu’s Bandage Toss, Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab and Ahri’s Charm.

Currently, the Minion “Join Red” tee and Minion “Join Blue” tee are on sale in the online store, so grab the collection before they run out!

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