In the opening game of the LEC Spring Split 2022, a refreshed MAD Lions roster went up against Team Vitality’s superstar lineup led by Luka “Perkz” Perković.

It was also a match that saw former teammates clash, as former MAD Lions bot laner Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság went up against his old friends.

After a week of LPL and LCK matches, which saw Corki dominating the mid lane, and AD carries like Jhin, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Aphelios frequently picked at bot, MAD took everyone by surprise when they locked in Yasuo mid and Karthus bot, reigning victorious over Team Vitality in the best-of-one.

How MAD Lions beat Team Vitality with Karthus bot and Yasuo mid in the opening game of LEC Spring Split 2022

MAD Lions vs Vitality draft in LEC Spring Split 2022 where MAD drafted Karthus and Yasuo
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

To facilitate Steven “Reeker” Chen’s Yasuo, MAD Lions also drafted Diana and Nautilus in their team composition for additional knock ups in team fights.

Yasuo’s wombo combo with Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla’s Diana paid off well in the early game during the laning phase. A straightforward Flash into Moonfall into Last Breath turned into an easy second kill for Reeker six minutes in, which was also Perkz’s second death.

In contrast, bot lane was a quiet farm fest, as both Karthus and Jhin are content scaling. They were also too immobile to risk a full-on fight in the early game.

It was only during the mid game when William “UNF0RGIVEN” Niemine’s Karthus came online, where he skillfully, you guessed it, pressed “R” to clean up fights.

Taking control of the map and the game, MAD Lions secured Infernal Soul, which included three fire dragons under their belt. After securing Baron buff, they pushed into Team Vitality’s base for one last fight 31 minutes in, where a single Karthus Requiem ultimate deleted half of Carzzy’s HP.


Why change something when it’s not broken? MAD drafted Yasuo and Diana again against SK Gaming

If that wasn’t enough, MAD Lions continued their wombo combo shenanigans in their following match against SK Gaming.

Running jungle Diana and mid lane Yasuo once more, Elyoya pulled off a clutch five-man knock up at a tight dragon pit’s choke point in the late game, which Reeker immediately followed up on.

Even though MAD eventually lost the long 54-minute tussle with SK Gaming, it was still a fantastic wombo combo moment for the history books. They went on to defeat G2 Esports to wrap up their first 2-1 weekend in the LEC Spring Split 2022.

The LEC Spring Split 2022 continues, livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube every weekend. Follow ONE Esports on Twitter for more League of Legends content.

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