League of Legend’s super-cute Magical Cat is ready to take a swipe at villains.

The 144th champion will only be available to Public Beta Environment accounts on April 30, with her official release date being set on May 14 “along with patch 9.10”, but Taiwanese YouTube channel Challenge Esports already has a gameplay and guide video released.

In the video, we get to see Yuumi play the support role to teammate Twitch as they go against Vayne and Soraka. Her skills remained pretty much the same as when it was leaked, and bears lots of similarities to Sona and Rakan, with an emphasis on shielding and healing.

It’s no surprise that Riot is letting certain players get early access — using influencers for reveals is a pretty standard practice in the industry, and also helps to build more hype before the general release.

Get ready to adopt Yuumi from the League shelter store on May 14.

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