Part one of the Worlds 2021 patch is finally here!

League of Legends patch 11.18 and 11.19 will specifically address the pro meta leading up to the biggest LoL esports event of the year. Riot Games has already stepped on the pedal, with 10 nerfs and 18 buffs to champions this patch.

While not all the changes were massive, Lillia was one of the few who was strongly targeted, for the game developers felt that she was too strong in top lane and not seen enough in the jungle.

League of Legends patch 11.18 buffs jungle Lillia

Nightbringer Lillia skin wallpaper
Credit: Riot Games

Base Stats

  • Base health regen per second decreased from 1.5 to 0.5
  • Health regen growth decreased from 0.75 to 0.55

Passive – Dream-Laden Bough

  • Healing against large monsters increased from 18 to 94 (based on level) to 27 to 104 (based on level)

Q – Blooming Blows

  • Passive stack duration increased from 5.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds

E – Swirlseed

  • Cooldown reduced from 18 seconds to 16 seconds

The reason why Lillia’s base health regen and health regen growth got nerfed is to balance out the buffs to her passive, Dream-Laden Bough. The increased nine base healing rewards her for hitting large monsters in the jungle, and in turn, disincentives top lane Lillia.

The buff to Blooming Blows and Swirlseed in League of Legends patch 11.18 is especially beneficial. By adding a second, Blooming Blows passive now stacks Prance every 6.5 seconds whenever Lillia hits an enemy unit (including jungle creeps) with one of her abilities, and gains bonus movement speed. Stacks are lost every 1.5 seconds when the duration ends.

By increasing the window for stacking, she is better able to go from camp to camp without losing Prance stacks and clear the jungle faster. Swirlseed, which she uses to clear camps as well, also triggers this passive.

Lowering its cooldown gives her more opportunities to gank, for its previous cooldown reduction nerf to 18 seconds was pretty hard-hitting. Imagine using Swirlseed as part of your clear, and having to wait for it to come off cooldown in an attempt to get a gank off.

League of Legends patch 11.18 summary infographic
Credit: Riot Games

“Her jungle ends up being over 100 HP healthier is the TLDR. This probably means she doesn’t have to use her second Smite on the last camp [in the first clear],” explained League of Legends shoutcaster and content creator David “Phreak” Turley in his League of Legends patch 11.18 rundown video.

“You should be able to clear about 3:15, getting all your camps, and be ready for Scuttle with a Smite up as well.”

Read the full League of Legends patch 11.18 notes here.

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