After making our ethereal fantasies come true with the Spirit Blossom skin line, Riot Games is going for a darker theme with the new PsyOps skin line which was pre-released today.

The skin features five champions Master Yi, Shen, Vi, Sona, and Ezreal dressed in sleek cyberpunk outfits.

They make up the PsyOps crew, which consists of beings with unbelievable psychic powers, pretty much similar to XCOM’s Psionic Class.

Chromatic aberrations can be seen throughout the particle effects of each skin.

5. PsyOps Vi

Credit: Riot Games

The Piltover Enforcer looks rad and ready to fight in her new skin. Vi comes in an all-black outfit with her pair of Atlas Gauntlets painted in military green and orange. She lost her bright pink hair and is now a blondie. Vi also has subtle black rectangular paint marks on her cheeks and arms.

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

This skin looks like a cross between the Commando skin line and Vi’s Neon Strike skin. While her appearance may look quite underwhelming to Vi mains, PsyOps Vi actually has cool skin effects especially on her ultimate Assault and Battery which lets out a burst of colors upon her landing.

4. PsyOps Shen

Credit: Riot Games

Ever imagined the manly Shen surrounded by adorable butterflies? His PsyOps skin gives us a clearer picture! Shen looks like a member of the Project skin line with his new silver armor. His abilities have been filled with magical butterflies evident even at the handle of his Spirit Blade from his first ability Twilight Assault.

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

Aside from a new voice effect, PsyOps Shen also gets a mysterious recall animation wherein a woman suddenly appears beside him.

3. PsyOps Ezreal

Credit: Riot Games

If League of Legends champions were Final Fantasy characters, we’d immediately nominate PsyOps Ezreal to play as Cloud Strife. Ezreal is wearing a black and brown outfit, with his Ne’Zuk’s Gauntlet glowing in blue.

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

We’re really fond of the animation on his third ability, Arcane Shift, which just looks so smooth when casted.

The Prestige Edition of the PsyOps Ezreal skin may have gone a little overboard with the gold color scheme and the refracted light effects as seen in this video.

We believe simple is best, so PsyOps Ezreal gets a vote from us! Does it look better than his ultimate skin, Pulsefire Ezreal?

2. PsyOps Master Yi

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

Master Yi has never looked this good with RGB color effects in his abilities. His black, red, and white getup look a little bland but everyone on the Rift will gather their attention to his eye-catching abilities once he starts casting them.

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

Seeing Master Yi’s first ability Alpha Strike under the PsyOps light makes him seem cooler, like a rampaging, destructive glitch ready to take anyone who tries to stop him. His second ability, Meditate, appears to be a better version of the default one with psychedelic effects surrounding him.

1. PsyOps Sona

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

The most powerful psychic in the PsyOps crew would probably be Sona, which explains why she is being bound to contain her true powers. She also ranks on the top spot of our list because of her appearance, which ultimately stands out among the rest.

PsyOps Sona has two looks in this skin, bound and unbound. Her bound form does not show her arms, with her eyes even covered by a device connected to a machine that monitors her vitals. Meanwhile, her unbound form presents Sona in black which nicely contrasts her long white hair.

Credit: Surrender at 20 / Riot Games

The chromatic aberration on this skin’s particle effects has been toned down a little, especially on Sona’s first three abilities. We also like the colorful trail she leaves whenever she casts Song of Celerity. Her ultimate, Crescendo, has a nice balance of light that’s not too painful to look at unlike the other skins in this line. This version of her ultimate could pass up as a shorter style of Lux’s Final Spark.

Aside from a new skin, Sona will also be getting an updated voice line in the next patch.

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