Japanese figure manufacturer Good Smile Company is back at it again with another miniature version of our favorite League of Legends champions.

Their latest Nendoroid figure features marksman bot laner and Daughter of the Void, Kai’Sa, in chibi form. Nendoroid Kai’Sa is based on her default League of Legends skin — gray suit, Void shoulder pods, and purple accents.

The figure also comes with two interchangeable faceplates showing Kai’Sa’s standard as well as combat expressions. What’s more, you can opt not to show her face at all by putting on Kai’Sa’s Void mask for a more terrifying look.

Good Smile Company also included an additional particle effect which lets you recreate Kai’Sa’s ultimate ability, Killer Instinct. Now you can complete your League of Legends diorama!

Nendoroid Kai’Sa is the fifth figure from Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid collaboration with Riot Games’ League of Legends MOBA. Here is the full list of Nendoroid numbers for collectors out there:

  • 411 – Nendoroid Ahri
  • 635 – Nendoroid Ezreal
  • 1458 – Nendoroid Lux
  • 1535 – Nendoroid Jinx
  • 1606 – Nendoroid Kai’Sa

Nendoroid Kai’Sa is now available for preorder and will be released later this year in November. This official League of Legends figure is priced at US$67. You can buy Nendoroid Kai’Sa through GoodSmile’s Online Shop or via their international partners.

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