President Donald Trump may secretly be a fan of League of Legends.

Or at least its music.

Earlier this week, President Trump posted a video on twitter containing a collection of news clips with the caption, “PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT!”

However, viewers quickly noticed that the background music for the video was a League of Legends song, specifically “The Throw Down” by composer, Gregg Lehrman.

Many League fans, including esports journalist, Rod “Slasher” Breslau, called for Riot to issue a copyright claim on the video.

However, LoL producer, John Daniel “Riot Triaged” Depa, later tweeted that along with its own original music, Riot also licenses music from “3rd Party Production Music sources.”

That seems to be the case here as, after a little investigating, we found The Throw Down on Universal Production Music’s website, where it’s described as “a driving hip-hop beat, huge distorted guitars, and a sweeping melodic orchestra as it builds to a climax.”

This is probably how someone from President Trump’s team found the track and licensed it for use.

Alternatively, maybe President Trump really is a secret fan of League of Legends and requested the music be used in his video.

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