Team Dignitas is set to return to the League of Legends.

The move comes as Clutch Gaming owners, the Houston Rockets, sold the majority stake to a partnership between the Philadelphia 76ers and Dignitas.

The US$20 million deal will see Clutch Gaming taking on the Dignitas branding after the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, reported ESPN. It will also mark the return of Dignitas to the league after it was left out as a franchise partner in 2017.

The Rockets will receive US$12.5 million in cash and will still retain a 31.8% equity share, with the remaining amount used to fund the team’s operations for the next three years and pay the outstanding debt to Riot for franchising costs.

The new organization, named Mal País, will be lead by Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville and is valued at US$47.5 million.