With the new year finally rolling out, Blizzard Entertainment recently announced the 2020 Hearthstone Masters Tour. The gaming conglomerate shared the news through the official Hearthstone website.

The new 2020 Hearthstone Masters Tour will have double the amount of stops from the previous year. With the last year’s tour taking us to Las Vegas, Seoul, and Bucharest, the 2020 Masters Tour will feature six brand new locations.

Each stop will also have a base prize pool of US$250,000, giving Hearthstone veterans and up-and-comers a nice incentive to deal their best cards. Blizzard has also teamed up with ESL/Dreamhack to be the official vendor for the Masters Tour.

Here is the tour schedule in chronological order:

  • Arlington, Texas (January 31 – February 2)
  • Bali, Indonesia (March 20 – 22)
  • Jönköping, Sweden (June 12 – 14)
  • Asia-Pacific Location (July/August)
  • Montreal, Canada (September 11-13)
  • Spain (December)

Aside from the tour, Blizzard also announced the return of Grandmasters, the highest level of competitive Hearthstone. The Grandmasters will be split into two seasons, with the first starting in April and the second starting in August.

The seasons will do the usual eight weeks of play. The first few weeks will have 16 players in all three regions competing against each other, determining the two divisions in each region. The later weeks will feature a round-robin play within the divisions just like the previous Grandmasters seasons. To cap off the season, the Week 8 Playoffs will qualify one player per region to join the year-ender World Championship.

As for relegations, three players in each region will be relegated at the end of Season 1. To usher in some new players for Season 2, Blizzard will take the top players from the first three Masters stops to join the Grandmasters.

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