The classic hero that put video games on the map is finally jumping his way into the modern gaming era’s popular battle royale genre.

Enter: Mario Royale.

We all have InfernoPlus, self-proclaimed maker of “unfunny videos and bad games”, and his sweet HTML5 skills, three weeks of work, and the Bob-ombs to brave a potential lawsuit from Nintendo, to thank for this mashup.

Credit: InfernoPlus

The game pits you against 98 other players in lovingly recreated, full-featured worlds of the classic NES Super Mario Bros games.

Your objectives: to race and outlast everyone else toward the end of the stage and be one of the first three players to do so.

Each round lasts no more than a few minutes — if you actually manage to last that long. The game is actually tougher than it sounds. Standing in your way are Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, and… pits. You also have to watch out for wayward shells left by players ahead of you.

Credit: InfernoPlus

Visual clutter is sort of an unintended challenge, too. It’s pretty easy to confuse other players’ sprites as your own, what with the mess of Marios scrambling about the screen.

Mario Royale serves up a fun and interesting twist on the battle royale genre. The environment provides most of the primary threats to your survival rather than your fellow players. Until someone gets a Super Star or a Fire Flower, that is, in which case… run.

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