For those who’ve been gaming since the early 2000’s, now is your chance to relive some old-school FPS memories with Counter-Strike 1.6.

The game was ported over by CS-ONLINE.CLUB, and a lot of players have been hopping onto its servers.

The game does not require you to register or create an account. You just click the link, join a server, and then start playing. It will automatically open up onto your browser.

CS-ONLINE.CLUB currently has servers in Europe, Canada, US, Asia, India, and Brazil. The game’s classic maps such as de-dust, de_dust 2, cs_assault, and cs_italy are all available to play as well.

Those who want to host their own Counter-Strike 1.6 lobbies can check out CS-ONLINE.CLUB, which offers server rentals that provide more privacy, though the service isn’t free.

Anyone who wants to try it out can simply click here.

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