Tragedy always brings people together, and Ubisoft has joined efforts to rebuild the Notre Dame de Paris, which was ravaged in a fire last Monday.

The company said that it would also be donating €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the cathedral. It is also encouraging gamers to donate by giving out the PC version of its 2014 title, Assassins Creed Unity, for free.

The game can be downloaded from Ubisoft’s Uplay digital store from April 17 to 25.

“Video games can enable us to explore places in ways we never could have otherwise imagined. We hope, with this small gesture, we can provide everyone an opportunity to appreciate our virtual homage to this monumental piece of architecture,” said Ubisoft.

The fire that devastated the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris saw the spire collapsing before the blaze was contained, but its core structure and two main towers remain intact but damaged.

“In our history, we have built cities, harbours, churches. Many have burned or been destroyed, by wars, revolutions, men’s faults. Every time we rebuilt them,” tweeted French President Emmanuel Macron in French.

Despite disappointment from fans for some of its gameplay elements, Assassin’s Creed Unity has been noted for its painstaking attention to detail, with the Notre Dame Cathedral a centerpiece of the game’s narrative.

Set in the French Revolution, every dingy corner and lavish interior was designed to immerse players into the world of Arno Dorian, the game’s protagonist, who runs and jumps around parkour-style throughout the city’s rooftops and busy streets.