Dominique “SonicFox” McLean reminded everyone why he’s widely considered the best Mortal Kombat pro around right now by absolutely destroying Ryan “Dragon” Walker in the grand finals of CEO 2019’s Pro Kompetition Premier Event.

SonicFox was fighting out of the losers bracket after a surprising 0-3 loss to Dragon in the winners semifinals.

After playing Cassie Cage all weekend, Fox made a surprise Jacqui Briggs pick to start the grand finals, but Dragon clearly knew the match up and took the first round with some excellent zoning, completely denying SonicFox any chance at getting in.

For the second game, SonicFox switched back to Cassie and fared much better, using her superior ground speed to rush down Dragon. SonicFox also got a ton of free damage from throws, which Dragon just seemed unable to tech.

In game three, SonicFox trapped Dragon in the corner for a massive juggle combo that left him at 1% life. While Dragon almost managed an impressive comeback, it wasn’t enough, and SonicFox took the game with a quick low poke.

In game four, with SonicFox trapped in the corner Dragon looked like he was in a good position to level the score and take the second round, but a beautifully-timed counter hit Krushing Blow was just enough for SonicFox to finish the round, taking the first set 3-1, and resetting the bracket.

In the second set, SonicFox kept up the relentless pressure, never giving Dragon any space to breathe, and easily took game one.

Dragon managed to squeeze out a win in the second game, but SonicFox rebounded immediately to win the third game with this beautiful read on Dragon’s teleport, immediately punishing it for huge damage and ending the round with yet another un-teched throw.

Game four was more of the same, with Dragon having no answer to SonicFox’s relentless pressure, and he easily took the last two rounds to win the final set 3-1 and with it the tournament.

Throughout the grand finals, Dragon tried to back off and play the zoning game, but he just couldn’t create the space he needed, and anytime he made even a tiny mistake SonicFox would land a huge combo for massive damage.

For his win, SonicFox took home US$7,665 prize money and 350 Pro Kompetition points, keeping him at number one on the MK11 leaderboard.

In true SonicFox style, he immediately gave his first-place medal to a 5-year-old fan at the arena:

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