A cyber-dystopian shooter featuring gun-totting mecha, from the makers of Armored Core, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 13.

Most of the details dropped after the new trailer for Daemon x Machina was screened, featuring a tonne of mecha action.

Featuring a trailer loaded with rock-music fueled sleek gun-fights, hints of a epic storyline, the trailer also off how the mech gameplay would look like as well.

Story-wise, players will be going up against corrupted AI controlled robots by piloting their customizable Arsenals with the main goal being to end the enemy AI threat to humanity. This is familiar ground for the Kenichiro Tsukuda and Shoji Kawamori tag-team (Armored Core series).

Other gameplay features include customisable player avatars, salvage opportunities after enemy take-downs, breaking out from assigned mission areas, and online and multiplayer modes.

Daemon x Machina will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. More trailers can be viewed here.

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