After introducing the world to Pokémon GO and then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, mobile game developers, Niantic, is now working on a new interactive world — CATAN — World Explorers.

Based on the world-renowned boardgame — CATAN — this new world exploration mobile game will let players explore and interact with this all-new augmented reality world. Niantic confirmed its latest augmented reality game will rollout its open beta very soon with pre-registration already open to all.

Credit: CATAN — World Explorers/Niantic

Like the boardgame, gamers can collect resources, trade with others, and build cities around the map they are exploring. Those keen on exploring this new town development element will need to collect the necessary materials — Lumber, Brick, Wool, Grain, and Ore — to craft Building Cards.

Beyond the world exploration and city expansion, like Pokémon GO, there are various factions that players can join up with, collect Victory Points, and pursue the goal of being Seasonal Champion.

Beyond this reveal announcement and overarching details, Niantic did not reveal any further information.

Long-time fans of the boardgame and those keen to try something new from Niantic can sign-up for pre-registration first over here.

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