Marvel Entertainment‘s fictional superhero character/K-pop superstar Luna Snow (real name Seol Hee) has just released a new version of her song “Tonight.”

The remix was published in celebration of the launch of Luna Snow’s first solo comic entitled Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow (2019).

The one-shot story explores her double life as a K-pop singer by day and an ice-wielding superhero by night.

Real-life K-pop artist, Myung Hyungseo, of the girl group Busters gave life to Luna Snow in the remix track.

“Unlike the original song, the remix version of ‘Tonight’ has a very powerful beat and rap so I would be very thankful if you give a lot of love for us — for Busters and for Luna Snow! Thank you,” exclaimed Hyungseo in a video interview.

You can listen to the full song here:

The track was released by Marvel and Netmarble Games along with the announcement of new Marvel superhero group, Warriors of the Sky during the Thailand Game Show last week.

Warriors of the Sky are original Marvel characters created as a group for upcoming mobile title Marvel Future Fight, a role-playing game (RPG) available on Android and iOS devices.

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