Netease’s mobile MOBA, Marvel Super War, is finally ready for its first season, and the developer is packing loads of rewards to reel its players in.

Season 1, which begins today, adds the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, to the line-up of heroes and villains you can play, and adds a new Battle Pass that you can purchase to unlock additional rewards.

Here’s everything we know so far.

Credit: Marvel Super War

Doctor Strange, the Supreme Sorcerer

Doctor Strange is an Energy hero with four active skills and one passive:

Natural Passive: Cloak of Levitation
Passive: If Doctor Strange’s HP is lower than 35%, each time he receives damage that is higher than 5% of his max HP, the Cloak of Levitation will drag Doctor Strange in the direction of the joystick to evade and he becomes immune to all damage. This status lasts four seconds.

Ability 1: Time Manipulation

Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone on a specified hero and records their current position and HP. If the target is a friendly hero, time is reversed after a brief delay and the target is returned to their recorded position and HP. If the target is an enemy hero, time is reversed quicker and their HP is reduced by 50%. Note: KO’d heroes will not trigger this effect.

Ability 2: Bolts of Balthakk

Doctor Strange unleashes the Bolts of Balthakk in a specified direction, where they ricochet off of the ground once and deal one-time energy damage to enemies in their path. When the bolts hit an obstacle or passes through an Inter-Dimensional Portal, they ricochet one additional time and deal one-time energy damage to enemies hit in their path.

Ability 3: Inter-Dimensional Portal

Doctor Strange opens a gateway in front of him and in the specified location, where a hero or ability can be teleported to the other side after a brief delay. The gateway will disappear after four seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange conjures and releases a mystic orb of power in a specified direction, dealing energy damage to enemies in its path. Once the orb hits an enemy hero or reaches its furthest distance, it becomes a large formation and calls forth a beam that continuously attacks enemies within the formation, dealing energy damage every 0.4 seconds for five seconds.

Credit: Marvel Super War

Battle Pass 001: Heroes Assembly

The new Battle Pass 001, like most other similar passes, lets you do quests to increase your levels and unlock supply rewards. While you can get rewards by not spending any Star Credits to unlock, exclusive rewards, such as the super-sick looking Galactic Gravity Magneto. He unlocks at level 60, so you’ll have to do a bit of work to get him.

Other rewards include Home Beacon and Broadcast skins, which are locked behind the paywall, but free rewards include stuff like Dark Stars, which you can use to unlock other heroes as well.

Credit: Marvel Super War

The Battle Pass 001 costs 428 Star Credits, which is around US$8.50. But you’ll have to either buy multiple packages or grab a more expensive one to get enough credits — Netease doesn’t just sell you the exact amount you need, which is silly.

Other changes in Season 1 include a Dark Star reward adjustment, where new heroes, such as Sandman, Groot, and Iceman are now available, while Magneto, Cull Obsidian, and The Thing have been removed from the Dark Star store.

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