With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games fast approaching, Nintendo and SEGA have teamed up to make another sports-filled Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games collaboration.

Along with the usual list of Olympic events included in the game, Nintendo has also revealed a new set of Dream Events featuring our favorite characters in new fantasy-based sports.

The first Dream Event is Dream Racing, which puts you in a hoverboard race with mechanics similar to Sonic Riders and Mario Kart, with shields and powerups you can pick up along the track.

Dream Shooting is the second revealed Dream Event, pitting you against other players in a target practice shootout. From multiple bullseyes and flying kites, Nintendo and SEGA have done their best to keep the shooting aspect simple, yet fun.

Last, but not least, we have Dream Karate, which is a Splatoon-like game that pits you against other Karate masters for area domination.

The trailer shows special area-of-effect moves that you can use to help you knock out more players at a time. This event definitely has that classic brawl game vibe.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 5.

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