Our favorite video game marsupial has finally arrived on the mobile platform.

Activision and game developer King (best known for its colorful match-three puzzle Candy Crush Saga) have started rolling out its new endless runner game Crash Bandicoot Mobile to selected countries.

A Google Play Store page has been published by the developers, with screenshots that give players a hint of how the game works.

Credit: King and Activision

Featuring Crash and his sister Coco, the mobile game works in a portrait setting with simple controls. Tap the screen to do a spin attack, swipe up to jump, or swipe down to slide while Crash automatically runs throughout the course.

Set in the tracks of Turtle Woods, Lost City, and Temple Ruins, the game sets players on a mission to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex and his henchmen. They can prepare for upcoming battles at Coco’s base, which serves as a weapons arsenal where players can gear up with serums, bombs, and even rayguns.

Crash Bandicoot is on a soft launch for Malaysian Android users, but the game’s leaks from February suggest that it will be available for iOS users soon.

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