There are new locations to hang out at in the latest Fortnite update.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s v10.30 sees the return of the Greasy Grove locale as well as the introduction of a new point-of-interest, Moisty Palms.

The odd-sounding Moisty Palms comes as a result of the Rift Beacon in Paradise Palms, where players disguise themselves as a random prop in the Rift Zone like the Prop Hunt game mode from Garry’s Mod.

In order to become a prop, players only need to crouch in the Moisty Palms Rift Zone. You can take off your disguise by pressing the primary fire button.

While you will appear as a prop to other players, it’s not a perfect disguise as you can still take damage in this form.

The update also brings back Greasy Grove, but with a twist. Instead of Durrr Burgers, Spicy Tacos will instead rain down from the skies in this area. The smell of Spicy Tacos in this area are apparently so overwhelming that they will cause players to dance in place, becoming invulnerable to damage from others and regenerating 20 health per second while doing so.

Eating one of these dance-inducing tacos will grant players 10 Effective Health, the sum of their Health + Shield, and a temporary 40% movement speed increase for 20 seconds.

In addition, the update unvaults the Tactical SMG while the Burst SMG will take its place in the vault.

You can check the patch notes here for the full list of changes coming with the v10.30 update.

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