It looks like FaZe Clan will be releasing the contract of superstar Fortnite streamer, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, according to a tweet from FaZe Clan part owner, Richard “Banks” Bengston.

Banks also claims that FaZe has been trying to reach an amicable solution with Tfue for “a straight year” and offered him a US$1 million deal just to represent FaZe, with none of his earnings going to the clan.

To recap, this all started on May 21, when Tfue filed a scathing lawsuit against FaZe Clan, accusing them of taking advantage of him by restricting his business opportunities and taking 80% of his earnings.

Banks, who helped recruit Tfue in the first place, took to Twitter to dispute the claims.

In response, Tfue posted his own two-minute video asking for the contract to be released (warning: strong language).

Updated May 23 at 3.15 p.m.: Updated to clarify that FaZe Clan is releasing Tifu’s contract for the public to view.

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