Dataminers have found images of Batman’s gear and weaponry in the latest update to Fortnite.

Images shared on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit show the Caped Crusader’s Grapnel Gun, an Explosive Batarang, a skin tracker that looks like Batman’s cowl, and a map of what could be Fortnite’s version of Gotham City.

Credit: u/SuperDude4368

Dataminers have also found two encrypted skins that can’t be seen yet, two male skins, and a female skin, which could hint at the possibility of The Joker or Batgirl joining the action.

The iconic bat signal has also been found:

As have new Batman-themed gliders:

With Batman Day fast approaching on September 21 and Joaquin Phoenix’s new Joker movie coming out next week, the timing seems perfect for a Fortnite x Batman crossover.

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