EA Sports recently opened registration for its upcoming FIFA 20 Global Series, with a prize pool of over US$3 million. It was supposed to be a huge step forward for football esports, with 20 leagues from around the world taking part. However, an error on the user registration page ended up causing a huge data breach with approximately 1,600 players affected.

Those signing up for FIFA 20 Global Series noticed that other player information is openly shown on the registration page. Reports of this error were quickly sent over to EA via social media and the publisher responded by taking the page down. Registration is currently closed until further notice.

Right after the registration page went offline, EA Sports confirmed in a Twitter post that “approximately 1,600 players were potentially affected.” The same post revealed that it has discovered the root cause and a security fix is now being implemented.

EA Sports is also taking steps to contact these affected players and help them secure their accounts. Since then, there have not been any updates about the security breach.

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