The South American regional league of the ESL One Los Angeles Online tournament has concluded with Beastcoast dominating the competition.

Here’s a look back at the five best plays from the tournament:

5. Wisper’s Torrent Storm controls FURIA’s entire team

In a playoff match against FURIA Esports, Adrian Cespedes “Wisper” Dobles’ Kunkka used his Torrent Storm ability to send the entire enemy team flying, giving Beastcoast the game two win.

4. Beastcoast hit double Paralyzing Casks and Life Drains

In a huge teamfight against FURIA Esports, Beastcoast support player Elvis De la Cruz “Scofield” Peña on Grimstroke caught two enemy heroes with his Soulbind ultimate, which allowed stand-in Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos on Witch Doctor and midlaner Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales on Pugna to get two procs of their Paralyzing Cask and Life Drain abilities to win the clash.

3. Costabile fights off Beastcoast’s core heroes

Beastcoast was trying to defend their base late against NoPing Esports, with Hector Antonio “K1” Rodriguez’s Phantom Lancer going up against Guilherme “Costabile” Silva’s Troll Warlord.

After being left all by himself when his team was repelled, Costabile was able to fend off K1’s Phantom Lancer, Chris Luck’s Ember Spirit, and Wisper’s Leshrac all by himself.

2. Scofield saves Chris Luck with a clutch Toss

With NoPing Esports’ heroes respawning, Beastcoast decided to take another teamfight inside their opponents’ base but were forced to retreat.

Chris Luck’s Leshrac looked like he had no chance of escaping after being stunned, but Scofield on Tiny managed to blink in and Toss his midlaner into safety.

1. K1 gets a team fight-winning Sunder

Beastcoast was able to take away NoPing’s Aegis of the Immortal advantage to start the fight, but they knew they couldn’t take a fight head-on so they resorted to kiting the enemy team instead.

K1 on Terrorblade took down NoPing’s supports while both teams were still scrambling for position but NoPing decided to chase after Beastcoast. That set up a perfect Sunder play from K1 that destroyed Otávio “tavo” Gabriel’s Brewmaster to win Beastcoast that clash.

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