The ONE Esports Dota 2 Jakarta Invitational Malaysia Qualifier has finally concluded, and the games featured some unbelievable team plays from the best Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia.

Jamesy jukes Seri and Cignal Ultra demolishes MS Chonburi

Denz Daryll “ABAT” Anedez ran straight into MS Chonburi’s heroes and started taking down their heroes one by one. Meanwhile, James Cedrick “Jamesy” John was able to juke the enemy Pangolier in the Rosh Pit to help his team secure a clean teamwipe.

Hustla catches ABAT with a stolen Pounce

ABAT was completely controlled by Hustla’s Rubick in the Dire jungle. First, Hustla used his Ghost Scepter that stopped the Slark’s physical damage. Then, he was able to steal and use Slark’s Pounce to prevent ABAT’s escape.

Ken gets the perfect Winter’s Curse against MS Chonburi

While the rest of 496 Gaming’s heroes was busy trying to take down Roshan, Do Tran Nhut “Ken” Tien was able to prevent MS Chonburi from getting in position by landing a Winter’s Curse ultimate that eliminated the enemy Ancient Apparition.

Hustla steals Rolling Thunder and controls Cignal Ultra’s heroes

Hustla got the perfect initiation play against Cignal Ultra after using a stolen Rolling Thunder that prevented Erice “Erice” Guerra’s Winter Wyvern from casting any of his spells to help his team.

drew’s Faceless Void with an Aghanim’s Scepter stun locks Cignal Ultra

During the final game of the tournament, Cignal Ultra was on the verge of pulling off the biggest comeback of the tournament. But, it was Andrew “Drew” Halim’s Faceless Void who clutched out a critical team fight for Reality Rift.

With his newly acquired Aghanim’s Scepter, Void’s Time Walks now includes an area of effect Time Lock that stuns nearby targets. This helped Reality Rift finish off Cignal Ultra’s heroes right outside their base.

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