Chinese squad needed just one win against Peruvian hope Infamous to knock Ninjas in Pyjamas out of TI9, and they did it in style in the first game.

RNG got off to a great start against Peruvian squad Infamous, building a 4,000 gold lead and taking eight kills even before the nine-minute mark. They took fight after fight, with Infamous not even bothering to put up a defense. The Peruvian squad unsurprisingly called GG after 15 minutes.

Game two turned into a bloodbath, with both teams already safe from elimination, it became a matter of pride. RNG and Infamous traded kills evenly, with 32 combined kill at the 19-minute mark.

Infamous slowly built up their lead, and with a Broodmother pressuring RNG, they managed to take down the top lane barracks after a big fight. It wasn’t long before Infamous got the rest of the barracks and RNG called it. it all came down to a big team fight before RNG called it.

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