Ninjas in Pyjamas faced off against Infamous in a must-win match to kick off Day 4 of The International 9.

The Swedish squad are currently sitting at the bottom of Group B and needed a big win to avoid elimination.

Unfortunately, NiP found themselves immediately in trouble as Infamous got off to a hot start with Hector Antonio “K1Hector” Rodriguez’s Juggernaut racking up five kills in the first six minutes alone.

NiP’s Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard and Adrian “Fata” Trinks did their best to try to keep their team in it but it wasn’t enough.

Infamous kept the pressure up and continued to dominate with K1Hector racking up kill after kill.

NiP just never managed to get into this game, and Infamous mercifully put them out of their misery after just 23 minutes.

Game two was a completely different affair with NiP getting off to a much better start, thanks to a surprise Meepo last pick.

The early laning phase was mostly even, but NiP managed to break the game open at the 10-minute mark with three big kills.

NiP’s lead grew from there, with Ace’s Meepo wreaking havoc all game as Infamous just didn’t have an answer for him.

Ace finished the game 20-1-3 as NiP cruised to a comfortable victory, keeping their tournament hopes alive with a crucial win.

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