With Newbee having a mostly great day and gearing to make it to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event, a matchup against bottom-of-the-table Chaos Esports Club meant that they had a chance to take two wins.

Right out of the gate, Newbee took an aggressive approach, which paid off with plenty of kills. Chaos’ Rasmus “misery” Filipsen’s Bounty Hunter tried to be aggressive, but paid the price when Arif “MSS” Anwar’s Mirana bought Dust to teach him a lesson about harassment.

Not giving up, Chaos attempted to make some plays. But quick responses from Newbee meant that it became a counter gank instead.

While Chaos got a successful gank, history repeated itself when Newbee jumped Chaos in return. The feat put Newbee’s Yawar YawaR Hassan’s Sven on a Beyond Godlike streak.

At this point 26 minutes into the game, it was all but over with Newbee holding a 13,000 gold lead. Chaos tried to hold on, but kept getting beaten down until they finally conceded at the 37-minute mark.

With Chaos in… chaos after the first game, the second game was basically a stomp. Rallying to an 11-1 kill score just 10 minutes into the game, Newbee was basically styling on a demoralized Chaos.

Even though Chaos tried to salvage the game in the end, it just wasn’t enough. The second loss to Newbee means that Chaos have been eliminated from TI9.

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