The South American heavyweights of Beastcoast survive a thrilling best-of-one Lower Bracket elimination match against the all-Filipino Team Adroit, pulling off a massive comeback win to live to fight another day at the MDL Chengdu Major.

Adroit were able to sneak the strong Alchemist-Chen combo through the first phase of the draft, rounding out their lineup with Ember Spirit for Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva as a secondary damage dealer.

Meanwhile, Beastcoast drafted comfort heroes for their cores, with Hector Antonio “K1 Hector” Rodriguez on Lifestealer and Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales on Templar Assassin, and hoped they could out carry their opponents.

While Hector’s Lifestealer was able to dominate in the bottom lane, Adroit won the other lanes handily as John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas on Alchemist was given absolute free farm. He immediately rewarded his team for the space they created by getting his Radiance in just over 10 minutes and leading an early offensive.

While Adroit had Beastcoast on the ropes, crucial mistakes allowed the South American squad to hold their base and shake their opponents’ confidence. That gave enough time and farm for Hector’s Lifestealer to outcarry the Alchemist, with Chris Luck’s Templar Assassin notably using his hero’s level 25 Meld Bash talent to lock down Adroit’s cores.

Even as the kill score was firmly in Adroit’s favor, Beastcoast seized the momentum and surgically took down two lanes of their opponents’ barracks. Despite their massive early lead, Adroit could do little to stop Beastcoast from bearing down on their base and eliminating them from the Chengdu Major.

Beastcoast showed the composure and resilience they exhibited during their run to a Top 8 finish at The International 2019 as Infamous in this high-pressure match, emerging victorious where many other South American teams have crumbled. They will look to continue their campaign in the next round of the Lower Bracket, where they will be facing the loser of the Upper Bracket match between Fighting PandaS and Vici Gaming.

Meanwhile, Adroit bow out at 13th-16th place with US$12,500 and 100 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points in consolation. They had the chance to make a bigger splash at their first DPC event, but nerves and inexperience unfortunately got the better of them.

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