Besides unveiling its all-new Dota 2 roster for the 2019-2020 DPC Season last week, Geek Fam also announced the opening of Geek Academy, the organization’s very own esports training center.

Unlike most training platforms, Geek Academy is not just for Geek Fam members. It also caters to gamers of all kinds who just want to improve their in-game skills.

The goal of the facility is to educate gamers on how they can elevate their gameplay skills for various esports titles and, generally, become better individuals in the process.

Geek Fam aims to do this by using video games and esports as learning tools to instil positive values and life-skills that are useful in the gaming ecosystem and real-life.

Since esports, and the video games community as a whole, can be a toxic environment, Geek Fam’s empowerment approach is focused on three key pillars:

  • Going beyond being a regular academic center: Aside from learning new in-game skills and improving current play-styles, the Geek Academy will also impart valuable soft-skills like conflict management, precise decision making, and social skills
  • Making learning easy with games: Geek Academy wants to create an engaging environment that enhances gamers’ learning experiences and help them apply these lessons in their daily activities
  • Paced out development: As each gamer has their own approach that suits their needs and timing, Geek Academy can provide the space they need to work on their own development

By offering these soft-skill development and personalized learning features, Geek Academy wants to allow each gamer to fully excel in their training.

Currently, Geek Academy only has Dota and Counterstrike: Global Offensive as part of its education syllabus. Classes will run for two hours a day, all week with breaks on Tuesday and Friday.

More details on Geek Academy can be found here. Those who want to get into the Tuition Program can directly visit this page.

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