The second day of Dota Summit 12 featured a highly-anticipated matchup between North American powerhouse team, Evil Geniuses, and red hot Southeast Asian squad, Fnatic.

After losing the first game of the series to Fnatic, Evil Geniuses drafted heroes that had superior team fight ultimates compared to Fnatic’s Troll Warlord and Death Prophet carries.

A big clash at the 17-minute mark saw Roman “Ramzes666” Kushnarev initiate with his Primal Roar ultimate, followed-up by Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Chronosphere ultimate, locking down three Fnatic heroes.

This allowed Abed “Abed’ Yusop and Tal “Fly” Aizik to use their Sonic Wave and Mortimer’s Kisses ultimates to completely delete Fnatic.

Evil Geniuses eventually took an 18,000 gold lead against Fnatic and finished the game at the 45-minute mark with another Chronosphere and Mortimer’s Kisses combo play.

Fnatic tied with OG Seed for first place of the Group Stage with both teams securing a 7-3 record. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses took the third spot of the Group Stage with a 6-4 final score.

Despite both teams participating at the MDL Chengdu Major and the DreamLeague Season 13: Leipzig Major this DPC season, this is their first match since Abed “Abed” Yusop decided to leave Fnatic for Evil Geniuses.

The Dota Summit 12 continues with two best-of-three Upper Bracket playoff matches between Evil Geniuses and OG Seed, followed by Team Liquid against Fnatic.

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