The SEA Games 2019 continued with the Dota 2 playoff stages. After surviving the group stage the previous day, Team Philippines secured a spot in the grand finals.

The hometown team will face off against Thailand in the grand finals, who defeated both Laos and Vietnam in the lower bracket.

Here’s how it all played out:

Philippines vs Vietnam – game one

The first featured game of the day was the most action-packed. The contest reached 76 minutes and had 88 kills in total. Team Vietnam had an unconventional draft as they decided to go with Disruptor as their middle laner. This put the team in an awkward position of always trying to make plays around the map with his Static Storm and Kinetic Field.

After team Philippines gained a bit of momentum by winning the early team engagements, Vietnam rallied back and took down Radiant’s core heroes by catching them off-guard with Mirana’s Moonlight Shadow ultimate.

Team Philippines shut the door on Vietnam’s comeback attempt thanks to Jun “Bok” Kanehara’s Elder Titan. With an Aghanim’s Scepter on his hero, after casting Astral Spirit that reached enemy heroes, he was granted magic immunity and a hefty damage boost that helped him earn two crucial Rampages against Team Vietnam.

Team Vietnam was able to extend the game by using their buybacks in key moments, but they eventually ran out of them. This let the Filpino squad claim multiple sets of Dire Barracks, which ultimately won them the game.

Philippines vs Vietnam – game two

Game two ended up being completely one-sided. Team Philippines’ Drow and Gyrocopter draft did an insane amount of damage in team fights.

After winning a team fight at the 27-minute mark, Team Philippines ran into the Dire base and ended the game. They now advance to the Gold Medal match (grand final), which will be played tomorrow.

Thailand vs Laos – game one

In the next featured match, team Thailand eliminated team Laos 2-0 during their lower bracket match. Team Thailand started the first game strong because of Poomipat “Fearless” Trisiripanit’s perfectly timed rotations. They were also able to team wipe the Dire squad right in front of Radiant’s tier-one Tower.

Team Thailand continued to dominate the game and once Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon secured the Aegis of the Immortal, Team Laos was forced to tap out of game one.

Thailand vs Laos – game two

In the final featured match of the day, Laos’ Dota 2 squad bet their tournament lives on a Meepo pick that helped secure a team wipe at the 14-minute mark.

Team Thailand ultimately began to take control of the map by eliminating Dire core heroes and taking down Towers. This caused Team Laos to avoid their opponents and lose out on farm and experience around the map.

Team Thailand destroyed the Dire heroes and even dove right in front of the enemy Fountain. This forced Team Laos to use their buybacks, but they failed to catch 23savage’s Razor who teleported to safety. Team Thailand ended game two by destroying Team Laos heroes right by the Dire fountain.

Thailand vs Vietnam – Lower Bracket Finals results

After eliminating Team Laos, Thailand won the next series of the day by defeating Team Vietnam in an arduous 2-1 Bronze Medal match. Team Vietnam won the first game of the series, but team Thailand managed to rally back and ended their opponents’ campaign by winning the remaining two games.

Unfortunately, this match was not on stream.

Team Thailand has now secured at least a Silver Medal finish and advances to the Gold Medal match, where they’re set to face Team Philippines in a best-of-five match.

The final day for Dota 2 at the SEA Games is set for December 9, where Team Philippines and Team Thailand will be aiming for gold in the grand final match.

The grand final match is set to take place at 4:00 p.m. GMT +8, followed by the medal awarding ceremony. Fans can tune in and watch the Dota 2 action on Razer’s official Twitch stream here.

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