Valve has announced that Dota Underlords’ Beta season is coming to an end soon — by the end of February, in fact. In its place, Season 1 of the game is set to be released.

The developer revealed that Dota Underlords’ Season 1 will include a Battle Pass, a “City Crawl” feature, accompanying hero and item rotations, and UI updates.

Before Season 1 does drop, however, there is expected to be one more major update that will introduce the final Underlord — Enno, King of the Warrens — to the game’s initial roster of four White Spire crime lords. The standard weekly bug fix and balance patches are also expected to continue until late February.

Dota Underlords first entered its early access beta phase in June last year, following Valve’s official confirmation of the game’s development a month before.

Since then, the game has gone through a steady stream of changes and improvements leading up to its full release. This includes October 2019’s “Big Update“, which released the first two of the game’s titular Underlords — Anessix, the Mistress of Secrets, and Hobgen, the Arson Aficionado.

Alongside the announcement of Season 1, Valve also released a minor gameplay balance update for the three playable Underlords, as well as a number of heroes, items, and alliances. You can check out the changes in detail in these patch notes.

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