Three weeks after release, Valve is already reworking the ranking system of Dota Underlords.

An Underlords developer said on the official Discord server that Valve was keen to overhaul the current ranking system to create a more “clear and predictable” progression for ranked play.

Credit: /u/NixsSs on the Underlords Subreddit

As of now, Dota Underlords has no way to lets you know more about your rank progression. The only way to predict where you’re heading is through your placement in matches. If you end in fourth place or higher, there’s a chance of you ranking up while any lower placement may give you a demotion.

With the overhaul coming soon, Valve has also mentioned that a soft reset in ranked play may happen when the game leaves open beta. This means that everyone will move back to the first rank, Upstart I.

Considering that Underlords is still an early-access game, it’s perfectly fine for Valve to make significant changes that will be beneficial in the long run. The ranked system overhaul is set to release sometime next week.

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