Other than the numerous books from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and the critically-acclaimed game series developed by Projekt CD Red, Geralt and his monster-hunting world also have another upcoming adaptation in Netflix’s The Witcher series.

The world of witchers is a hard one to explain, but lucky for us, we have Henry Cavill himself to explain such lore in the newest teaser.

In the video, Cavill basically gives us a rundown on what it’s like to be a witcher. As cold-blooded mercenaries, the witchers are considered outcasts who do the dirty work for everybody else.

As for their jobs, witchers usually fight these monsters head-on with their swords, elixirs, and basic magic. As children, they go through trials that enhance their body and mind, giving them the power to hunt the strongest of foes and monsters.

Although Geralt is a bonafide witcher, he breaks the mold of being completely emotionless with his charm and benevolence. Cavill describes him perfectly as an incredible blend between a “white knight” and “harsh monster-hunter.”

Netflix’s The Witcher will premiere on December 20.

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