Mora makes Teyvat go round, especially for the Sumeru merchant Dori Sangemah Bay. This 4-star Electro character sells all sorts of goods, from basic necessities to the rarest of gems — at ceiling prices, of course.

With her fondness for gold, many become curious about how rich Dori is. Just take a look at the Palace of Alcazarzaray, located in Lokapala Jungle in Dharma Forest, Sumeru, and you’ll know the answer. This grand property is owned by Dori and was designed by Kaveh, the mysterious architect mentioned in Sumeru’s bulletin boards.

With her pink hair, short stature, and 4-star rarity, many players believe Dori is just the Sumeru version of Mondstadt’s Diona, but this Chinese cosplayer proves otherwise.

“The Mora, the merrier!” Adorable Dori cosplay steals not just our gold, but also our hearts

Genshin Impact fan sixtutu looks like a million Mora in her Dori cosplay. Wearing the character’s black cropped top and purple baggy pants, the cosplayer is ready to peddle rare products to travelers.

To complete the cosplay, sixtutu wore a pair of bright red glasses and showed off a golden plate with a print of her familiar, Jinni, on it.

She also displayed a handful of Mora coins, which is probably more than certain 5-star Geo character could ever possess.

To further demonstrate the 4-star’s Mora obsession, the Chinese cosplayer posted a short, adorable skit of her accepting a pouch of gold to do some dance moves.

Aside from Dori, she has also cosplayed other Genshin Impact characters such as Hu Tao, the Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Yelan, and Lumine.

Follow sixtutu on her Instagram (@sixtwo2) and Twitter accounts (@sixtutu622) for more amazing cosplays.

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