Majestic, glorious, refined — these are just some words we can use to describe Luocha cosplayer Weilanran.

The Chinese cosplayer and Honkai Star Rail fan portrayed the 5-star Imaginary character with grace and utmost finesse in photos featured on their social media accounts.

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Honkai Star Rail Luocha cosplay by Weilanran is drop-dead gorgeous

With their attention to detail, Weilanran brought to life every element of the foreign trader’s attire — an elegant black turtleneck, matching white coat and pants, a long green scarf, and exquisite golden accessories.

What truly enchanted us were their breathtaking features: cascading blonde hair and hooded eyes that seemed to peer into the depths of our souls.

Despite the absence of Luocha’s signature coffin, Weilanran’s Honkai Star Rail cosplay effortlessly made an impression among Trailblazers.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha cosplay by Weilanran
Credit: Weilanran

Luocha is recognized as an intergalactic merchant who found himself aboard the Xianzhou Luofu ship during a Stellaron crisis. Notably, he attracts curious gazes due to the coffin that he carries on his back, which he considers “a tool of his trade.”

In combat, Luocha is an overpowered support character. Through his skill, Prayer of Abyss Flower, he has the ability to heal his teammates. His ultimate move not only eliminates buffs from enemies but also inflicts Imaginary damage.

Luocha was first added to the game in version 0.70 during HSR’s second closed beta. Following the game’s official release, he debuted in version 1.1.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha cosplay by Weilanran
Credit: Weilanran

Luocha cosplayer Weilanran has also portrayed characters from Genshin Impact, another HoYoverse game, including Alhaitham, Baizhu, and Zhongli.

For more cosplays, follow Weilanran on Twitter (@RAN41382579) and Instagram (@weilanran).

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