A flood of Kamisato Ayato cosplays has filled our social media feeds to the brim, and this one by willson618 stands out.

A veteran Japanese cosplayer famous for producing Satoru Gojo cosplays from Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen franchise, they have portrayed multiple male characters from other popular anime too, like Tokyo Revengers, Link Click, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

They are also a fan of Genshin Impact’s masculine lineup, having previously done Tartaglia and Zhongli from Chinese-inspired region, Liyue.

Perhaps most befitting of all is their latest Kamisato Ayato cosplay, where they brings this 5-star Japanese character from Teyvet’s Inazuma to life.

Kamisato Ayato cosplay by willson618 takes us to the Chinju Forest in Inazuma

willson618's Kamisato Ayato cosplay out from Genshin Impact close up o
Credit: willson618

Posing against dense bushes and illuminating cyan blue flowers that form the backdrop of Narukami Island’s Chinju Forest, Will’s Ayato stares into the camera with a sensual gaze under the eternal night sky.

They captures the mysteriousness of Ayaka’s older brother in one look, a character who talks a lot, but also doesn’t reveal much.

Head of the Kamisato Clan, Ayato wears a fitting, formal-looking outfit called Silk Splendor that blends a classic Western suit with traditional Japanese designs. Will nailed their prim and proper outfit down to the tee, paying special attention to the intricate, golden braids and tassels on their chest and waist.

willson618's Kamisato Ayato cosplay photoshoot in forst with signature sword Haran Geppaku Futsu
Credit: willson618

They also posed with the Haran Geppaku Futsu, Ayato’s 5-star signature sword in an elegant way that shows off the outfit’s long, flowing sleeves.

Before this photoshoot, Will first teased their Kamisato Ayato cosplay in the most tantalizing manner by reimagining the Yashiro Commissioner in a much more intimate setting.

Wearing a thin white robe, they put Ayato in a completely different light, in a dim hallway with shoji screens, just like his house at the Kamisato Estate.

willson618's Kamisato Ayato casual cosplay under dim night light
Credit: willson618

So this is what the commissioner looks like without his armor.

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