The month of love is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to put together our top 3 all-time favorite anime ships. This is not a couples list, we’re sending some love to anime’s most beloved ships. Toot toot!

Anime is rapidly taking over the world and practically everything has been anime-fied to some degree. There’s a slice of life cooking series, intense swimming drama, and even a somewhat educational show based on the cells in a human body. Since a lot of shows feature our favorite casts traveling over long distances, ships have existed in the anime universe far longer than some of you were even born. 

In honor of these fine vessels, here are our top 3 most loved ships found in anime.

Our top 3 greatest anime ships only long-time anime fans will know

3. Fire Nation Cruiser – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Top 3 anime ships fire nation cruiser avatar the last airbender
Screenshot by Fox Vergara/ONE Esports

A ship frequently seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Fire Nation Cruiser was a staple military vessel of the fearsome Fire Nation.

These steam powered iron clad ships made up the majority of the Fire Nation’s great navy. These warships carried numerous weapons onboard for sea based warfare whilst also acting as transport vessels for ground based units. These watercrafts were often seen housing soldiers, tanks, and komodo rhinos.

The Fire Nation Cruiser made it to my top 3 because of what they represented in Avatar: The Last Airbender. They’re not just boats. Whenever a cruiser appeared on the show, it was a sign of great imminent conflict.

Fans of the show knew that the Fire Nation had a huge navy, often echoed by the main cast. It was the sense of dread you felt when you eventually see the navy in its entirety that makes this ship so deserving of a top 3 spot in this list.

2. Lord Boros’ Airship – One Punch Man

Top 3 anime ships lord boros airship one punch man
Screenshot by Fox Vergara/ONE Esports

We’re taking to the skies this time with crazed alien Lord Boros’ airship which made its first appearance in episode 10 of One Punch Man.

Shaped a little differently compared to your usual airship, this flying vessel of utter destruction was how Lord Boros and his underlings traveled through space. Capable of dropping hundreds of thousands of bullets at once from its hull, this ship alone can level an entire city in seconds.

When I first saw Lord Boros’ airship, it left quite an impression on me with its amazing design and massive size. Just look at this thing, it’s the visual definition of a weapon of mass destruction. If you saw one flying overhead, wouldn’t you think it’d be all over?

Luckily for us, Saitama thought otherwise.

1. Going Merry – One Piece

Top 3 anime ships one piece going merry
Screenshot by Fox Vergara/ONE Esports

A pirate is nothing without his ship, and Captain Monkey D. Luffy’s Going Merry from One Piece is probably the internet’s most well loved ship of all.

Though a strange choice to an outsider of the series, this was the first full-sized ship owned by the straw hat pirates. This boat was nothing special, in-fact it’s just a simple pleasure boat. Having embarked on many journeys together, Luffy considered the Merry as one of his crew members.

On their adventure together, the Going Merry eventually developed a soul of its own because she was so affectionately cared for by the straw hat pirates. This love birthed a Klabautermann, a water spirit/fairy only born from a well cared for ship. In times of great need, this little sea spirit actually saved Luffy and the crew just so the adventure could continue.

Eventually, the Going Merry hit her limit and was sent off with a viking’s funeral that’d leave any anime fan in tears.

Rest in peace, Merry.

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